How To Negotiate A Salary Offer

Salary Negotiation

In the course of your job search, invariably the question of money will come up. Your response can make – or cost you – thousands of dollars. These

Tips For Getting An Internship

College Interns

The summer before senior year is exactly the time to have a plum internship, as many companies are now looking to take their new hires from the batch

What To Do With Your First Paycheck

Paycheck Earnings

Comedian Dennis Miller says he is motivated by the 'Check Method'. "At the end of any big project I know that I will receive a large check which I can

How To Respond To A Job Offer

Responding To Job Offer

A job search can easily be compared to a long grueling race. Getting a job offer is like crossing the finish line. But before you claim the winning

How Often Should I Update My Resume?

Updating Resume

I love my job and do not plan on looking for another one in the near future. I was even recently promoted. Still, my best friend says I am a fool not